Friday, February 6, 2009

Application to STOP smoke

Everyone knows that smoking is a really bad habit, even most smokers agree with this, but only a handful of them are willing to really leave behind this wont. Some say they'll lay off tobacco but, after trying for a few days or even weeks, start again saying it's impossible to renounce something they feel to be a “necessity.” Others manage to leave behind this toxic practice for months or even years on end, yet in the grim light of unfortunate events seek refuge in the past and rekindle the nicotine torch. There are, however, the lucky ones who resist the temptation all the way and forsake this vile activity.

The methods used to eliminate what after all is nothing more than a despicable act of poisoning your body and contaminate those around you vary sometimes from individual to individual. What they all share in common is the volition, the will to step away and never look back. The numerous aids that can accompany and help strengthen the resolve are varied, and can even take a digital form. If you feel you need advice, motivation, a teacher and a trainer to keep you on the right path, you may find all of them in Stopbuddy, a software whose motto, I think, say it all: “Stop smoking, before it stops you.”

Ease of use is a key factor in both the program's installation and employment, so you can start regaining control over your health and life immediately, guided not by amateurish advice but by facts proven and backed up by statistics and years of research. This utility plays multiple roles in showing you meters, counters, offering tips and pieces of advice, and most importantly providing you with educated answers to difficult questions. The interface is rather simple, no bells and whistles, no fancy menus or shiny skins and buttons, just four modules and a Settings tab decorated with old, yet nice icons.

The Good
Among the strong points of this application, the first one that should be mentioned is the informational richness and diversity. It is by no means overwhelming, but rather anticipated and hoped-for when it comes to difficult choices and long-term commitments implied by such a major decision, like saying a definite and definitive NO to smoking.

The meters and counters are a nice touch that complements the written subject matter and add to the ease of understanding what the wretched habit does to your health and how difficult it is to regain nothing more than normality in terms of mind and body.

The Bad
On the downside, there is the not-so-appealing interface that has lots of room for improvement, and also the non-functional help file.

The Truth
As the above paragraph suggests, it's very hard to find something wrong with this utility, and this is thanks to the fact that it is well-thought and filled with all the needed bits and pieces that will help you go through a tough challenge. You can really count on Stopbuddy, and the assistance it offers you will prove to be exactly what you need in order to leave behind a foul practice that will eventually turn you into a victim, if you don't muster up all your courage and fight it.

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