Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mario Forever Galaxy

More awesome free games! Mario Forever Galaxy!

Glossy, sharp graphic, various map, more upgrade weapon and armor, funny story, and many more good stuff from this free game will make you and your child feel addicted to play it again and again...

4 characters with their various power and weakness will help you to kick out the enemys boss : Kappa!

Coins, collect this thing to upgrade your gun, speed and armor of your jet. But remember higher price is not the best choice, sometimes you just have to use the ordinary gun to shoot your enemy.

With unique map, you will enjoy your adventures without feeling confused and bored. Some spot will give you surprise bonus coins and weapon.

And the boss!? Don't worry, as long as you prepared well with good weapon and shield, it doesn't matter at all.

But be worry when you face the last map... ^_^ its trully hard move!

Feel free to download it HERE! No serial key, no password, even no crack! Just install it and play it! ^_^

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