Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The best Aircraft Formation Lights

If You looking for equipment or spare parts of high quality for your helicopter! Then Select Control Inc. is the answer. The company has sold more than 30 million sensor products, which have been used in thousands of different applications, including military Fuzing Safe Arm Devices, Automotive Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Emergency Locating Transmitters aircraft, Cockpit Voice and Data Recorders and commercial anti-tamper, tilt and tip detection. Whether it's fully automatic or semi-automatic with a high level through testing that provides a reliable product quality, but low prices. With a full supporting equipment and engineering and manufacturing capabilities that are independent.

Select Control Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of acceleration, impact, disruption and Tilt Sensors, "Our extensive inventory allows us to provide clients with quick turnover they needed, we can provide our clients prototypes quickly from the special design, which was developed for applications they are unique. "

Demands of military, aerospace, automotive, and commercial industry must be met with precision, expertise, and most quality control. Select this has provided for more than twenty-five years.

Select Controls Inc. has produced acceleration switch, automotive switch and the acceleration acceleration active ammunition since 1981. As a manufacturing organization serving the commercial and military markets, Select Controls Inc. has been specializing in custom design and engineering of the following devices:
* Acceleration Switches
* Disturbance Switches
* Tilt Switches
* Aircraft Navigational Lights
* The plane "G" Switches
* Aviation Life Support Equipment

Their products are different to serve the needs of industries such as:
* Aerospace
* Military
* Commercial Aviation
* Medical
* Marine
* Automotive

If you need the best equipment quality, then the Select Controls Inc. is the best that has been audited and in accordance with the requirements of Quality Management System ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2000.

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