Sunday, April 18, 2010

Freeware : File-Splitting Programs

Now what good is a program like HJSplit? Think of it amounted to 20 Mb file, and you intend to send it to a friend via email. HJSplit will enable you to split large files into small pieces, which can much more easily sent and stored.

HJSplit is a very popular freeware program. A separator applications files created by collaboration with various programmers. HJSplit supports many platforms (Windows XP, Vista, NT, 2000, 3.x, 95/98/Me, DOS, Amiga, Java, etc..) All versions are compatible with each other and allow you to exchange files between different platforms . For example split files on the Amiga can be joined on Windows 2000 and vice versa.

Incredibly, HJSplit is also able to share very large files (Gigabyte)! HJSplit (Windows and Java versions) allows you to divide the 10 Gb file into 640 Mb parts, which can then be saved onto a CD-Rom by the CD-writer software.

HJSplit is very reliable, simple, small and easy to use. Does not require any installation or complicated DLLs, it only consisted of one '. Exe files'. This means that you can also run it directly from flash disc or CD-Rom. And of course HJSplit is also able to merge the parts back into one original file.

Feel free to download it HERE!

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